1972 Echoplex EP-3 11634-009The Maestro Echoplex EP-3 debuted in 1970 as the next update in the Echoplex line. The early versions were made laminate pine cabinet, black top tape transport base and the legendary preamp circuit that has been copied by so many pedal manufacturers. Later EP-3s and EP-4s used a thicker, particle board cabinet and a compressor circuit board that’s said to muffle the Echoplex’s sweet preamp tone. The early black top EP-3s were widely adopted by many players as a part of their standard rig like Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, and more.

This clean 1972 Echoplex EP-3 comes from the desirable early production EP-3s with that holy grail preamp circuit. Unlike most vintage Echoplexes, this EP-3 has just returned from a full service with RePete Echo Repair (@echoplexrepair on Instagram). Pete services all my echoes and knows how to return these units to their intended tone and reliability. The service included a motor rebuild, fresh filter capactiors, new pinch roller, drifted resistors updated with proper replacements and a full cleaning/degauss heads. Now it’s in top playing condition and will be a reliable, studio ready unit for decades to come. This one even comes with a rare original tape cartridge that has been rewound with Pete’s preferred broadcast tape.