Gibson’s Thinline Archtop line has been an industry favorite since its introduction with the in 1955. The ES-330 was fully hollow instead of having a solid center block in the body like the ES-335. This model’s warm, bluesy tone offers golden age vintage Gibson electric tone spanning many genres from Jazz to Blues to Rock and Indie.

This one family 1966 Gibson ES-330tdc has survived in excellent all original condition and is ready for the collection, stage, or studio. All parts are original to the guitar except the strings. The neckĀ is straight and the frets show almost no playing wear at all. There is a small ding at the top/front of the headstock and one bent tuner but fully functional. The original Lifton hard shell case is included along with an unused Gibson pack of strings, 1/4″ cable, and Ace strap. We’re confident you love the look, tone, and playability of this gorgeous one owner 1966 Gibson ES-330tdc.