Leo Fender debuted the new Jazzmaster model in the summer 1958 catalog with a radical new shape: the offset contour waist. Many Jazz players at the time preferred playing guitar sitting down and Leo wanted the body to fit comfortably over the player’s knee, fitted nicely to the rib cage. The Jazzmaster was more than just a new shape, it was a new guitar from the ground up with proprietary pickup design, Forrest White designed preset rhythm switching system, and a smooth action floating tremolo and bridge. Traditional Jazz players at the time found that the design didn’t quite work for their purposes but the burgeoning Surf music scene fell headfirst into offset guitars and Reverb units. The offset waist shape has continued to suit the vibe of choice for the counter culture throughout the decades.¬†Production figures on page 68 of The Fender Archives¬†list a total of 2,254 Sunburst Jazzmasters made in 1966 compared to 2,680 Sunburst Jaguars, 3,424 Sunburst Stratocasters and 3,174 Blond Telecasters.

This clean 1966 Fender Jazzmaster has just come from the original owner and has survived in excellent original condition. JP was 80 years old and finally decided to sell his prized electric guitar. He told us that he only ever played it in church or at home. He kept it in excellent condition and never changed or modified it. At some point, he had two solder joints reflowed on the original potentiometers. Other than that, this one is totally original except for a fresh set of strings. We cleaned, inspected, and set up the guitar for optimum playability. The neck is straight and the frets are excellent with just a little evidence of wear in the first few frets. All electronics are clean and operate properly. The original pickups meter at about 7k ohms each. He did have some extra pieces of foam in the case but they’ve since been removed.

JP was careful to hold on to the original instruction manual, factory supplied Allen wrench, cool hippy strap, original case, an orange coily cable so we’re including it all in the sale. We’re confident you’ll love this clean, one owner 1966 Fender Jazzmaster.