The Airline brand name was applied to a line of musical instrument related products distributed through the Montgomery Ward’s catalog throughout the 1960s. The amplifier line consisted of rebranded amps made by Valco and Danelectro.┬áThe Airline 62-9013a was manufactured by Danelectro and was almost identical to the Silvertone 1472/1482 except for a horizontal control layout and different screen printing.

The 62-9103a is a very similar setup to the brown era Fender Deluxe amp with two 6V6 power tubes making about 12 watts through a 12″ Jensen speaker. The tremolo on the Airline/Silvertone amps is more of a dramatic thumpy tone compared to the Fender’s smoother wobble. This Airline is in great shape and ready for the studio. It has an added output jack for ease of running the signal to a separate cabinet and an added access panel on the bottom. There is also and added screw/washer to the handle.

This Airline amp has that classic tube amp┬áthick clean and smooth crunch tone when driven. The original Jensen C12R sounds strong. I’m confident you’ll enjoy playing this unique combo amp.