From the 1962 Harmony Catalog, “Want unusual sound effects while playing? Would you enjoy tremolo at your fingertips, in your guitar, as now attainable only thru certain circuit amplifiers? Then Harmony’s Vibra-Jet Tremolo Electric is for you! Enjoy pulsating tremolo through your guitar, not your amplifier.” While the built in tremolo effect never really caught on in the guitar world, Harmony’s Golden-Tone Indox pickups certainly did. This model combines funky cool tremolo in a playable, almost Tele inspired thin body electric with coveted gold foil pickups.


This 1963 Harmony H66 Vibra-Jet has survived in nice condition with working tremolo effect. The neck and frets are in excellent shape and it plays nicely with new flat wound strings. The finish exhibits typical checking for the thin nitrocellulose style they were applying at this time. It appears to be all original and retains its case, 1/4″ cable, and tremolo operating instruction sheet. The tremolo is perfect for adding a little motion and nuance to simple melodies or strummed chords. We’re confident you’ll love playing this one as much as we do.