From the 1962 Gibson catalog, “The Gibson Mastertone Tenor Banjo with its characteristic snap, clear ringing tone and attractive appearance is an enthusiastic choice of today’s banjo artists and all players who recall the previous top popularity of this famous tenor model.” An attractive appearance indeed, especially when ordered Special with gold hardware and the player’s name inscribed on the last fretboard inlay and truss rod cover.

This 1962 Gibson TB-250 Special, custom ordered with name and gold hardware by Gibson teacher agent Irving Kessler in late 1961, has survived in stunning original condition. Kessler had a habit of ordering instruments special from Gibson in the early 1960s including a mandola A-40, mandocello TG-25,  and L-5CT Special with name on the last inlay and truss rod cover.

Irving spared no expense when ordering this banjo and included the $45 Faultess hard shell case. He retained the original hang tag, drum head tuning key, case key, and hand written note card with all his ordering information. We’re confident you’ll love the tone and playability of this 1962 Gibson TB-250 Special.