1962 Fender Jazzmaster LPB-011While the Jazzmaster model never really appealed to the Jazz musician market, it seems to have a lasting appeal to just about all other types of guitar players. The offset body and endless tonal combinations were just what the burgeoning Surf scene musicians were looking for. The Jazzmaster model has been in production in some form since late 1958 with the exception of a short hiatus from 1982-1987.

This custom color Lake Placid Blue Metallic with matching headstock Jazzmaster was purchased by the original owner as her main tool for teaching guitar lessons. Loretta kept the guitar in very nice condition and retained the original leather strap, hang tags, allen wrench, case and case key. The guitar was lightly played during her short tenure as a guitar teacher and never needed modification or repair. Loretta put her Jazzmaster back in the case for a little over 40 years before I was able to purchase it from her. The guitar is in beautiful condition and plays like a dream. Both pickups were weak so I sent the to Lindy Fralin for a proper spec rewind. We discussed this guitar and its pickups in depth in order to have a rewind well deserving of the guitar. Lindy wound the pickups himself by hand using a vintage Jazzmaster correct 1/8″ bobbin spacing.¬†Other than the coils on the pickups, the guitar is completely original as Loretta played it back in the 1960s. She did a wonderful job preserving a great piece of Fender history.

This 1962 Jazzmaster (May neck stamp) features rare early features such as a slab rosewood fretboard, mint green pickguard and pre-L series serial number. The original fawn colored case with brown leather ends is in good condition with proper working latches. The original hang tag still has the allen bridge adjustment wrench held on by a piece of clear tape. Loretta even kept the oft disposed of Tolex hang tag. Call the number at the top of your screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this clean 1962 Jazzmaster in custom color Lake Placid Blue Metallic.