1961 Fender Jazzmaster 61695-003-2After a slow start in 1958, the Fender Jazzmaster quickly picked up steam as an American classic. While never as popular as the Stratocaster or Telecaster, the Jazzmaster has gathered a cult following as a result of its unique offset styling and proprietary pickups and electronics. The Jazzmaster has been in production in some form since its introduction except for a short hiatus from 1982 to 1986. The Jazzmaster’s pickups are unique in that the coils are only 1/8″ high but extend out to the edge of the almost inch wide bobbin.

This gorgeous original 1961 Fender Jazzmaster came to via the original owner. John received this guitar as a young teenager looking to express himself with an electric guitar.┬áHis interests soon went elsewhere and the guitar rested in its case, only to be played sparingly. John explained that he never modified or changed anything on the guitar. When it arrived I noticed that it did indeed have all its original parts in perfect working condition. I did notice a small area of what looked like polish or touch up on the bass side upper horn. John could not remember anything about it other than that he used to polish the guitar religiously. It’s clear that this Jazzmaster was one of John’s prized possessions. Fender aficionados will recognize the distinctly pre-CBS era features like a slab Rosewood fretboard with clay fretboard markers.

This clean one owner Jazzmaster required nothing but a simple set up to play perfectly. The frets are at their full height with factory crown and the neck is straight. As is common with Jazzmasters, the pickguard had shrunk around the the pickups just slightly. I carefully adjusted the pickguard to fit correctly. The pickups are strong and show no sign of decreased output. All electronics are original to the guitar and in perfect working condition. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this beautiful 1961 Fender Jazzmaster.