Gibson’s┬áLes Paul Junior model was introduced in 1954 as an entry level┬ástudent model electric guitar. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the Jr kicked the student model image in favor of the bare bones rock and roll screamer that it’s known to be today. With a solid Mahogany body, one P-90 pickup and wrap tail piece, the Jr does it all from clean to dirty. The Jr is known for superior resonance and sustain because of its simple design and lack of magnetism from a neck pickup to slow the vibration of the string. The single cutaway Junior models from 1957-1958 benefit from an improved bridge position as compared to earlier models that suffer from leaning bridges as a result of placement/shallow bridge studs. The Les Paul Jr has been been played professionally by: Leslie West, Johnny Two Bags, John Lennon, Mick Jones, Peter Frampton, Billie Joe Armstrong and many more. Every Gibson collector and player should have a Junior in their arsenal.

This 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior has just come out of a storage unit after decades of neglect. It retains all its original parts except for replacement Kluson tuners, volume/tone knobs, output jack, and output jack plate. The guitar arrived to us with unusable bent Klusons, no volume/tone knobs, and a cracked output jack plate with no jack. We’ve cleaned the guitar, replaced the necessary parts, and performed a setup. It has surprisingly little fret wear but does show some insignificant wear in the first 3 frets. The neck is dead straight with no repairs, cracks or breaks. The original P-90 is undisturbed and has loads of output. We’re confident you’ll love playing this guitar as much as we have. Comes with a brand new Gator Deluxe Les Paul case.