1955 Maestro GA-45-016Gibson’s Maestro GA-45t amplifier was essentially a GA-40 circuit with tone controls mounted inside of a larger cabinet to accommodate four 8″ Jensen AlNiCo speakers. Marketed originally to accordion players, the GA-45t screams as a hot guitar or hopped up harp amp. The gold frame Jensen speakers really shine with this crunchy, low power early circuit.

This Maestro GA-45t has survived in excellent condition and is ready for the stage, collection or studio. Service included new Astron filter capacitors and a properly installed three prong power chord. All other parts including transformers are original to the amplifier except for a replacement foot switch and two preamp tubes. This amp had an external jack mounted on a board in the back that has since been removed. The gold frame Jensens sound really strong with original cones. I’m confident you’ll love the way this one sounds.