The Model 26 “Deluxe” was the middle size of the first three production amplifiers for the newly established Fender Electric Instrument Company after Doc Kaufman left K&F in 1946. The first run of the Deluxe featured finished natural wood cabinets with no covering, grill cloth in red, gold, or blue, and usually three metal strips adorning the front.

This Model 26 Deluxe was just unearthed during a house clean out in Texas and it appears to be completely original. The rare Black Walnut cabinet wears its age proudly along with the tired red grill cloth. The interior electronics appear to be original as well including the tubes. We were a bit surprised to see a pair of 6K6GT/G power tubes instead of 6V6 tubes.

The good folks who unearthed this gem said they turned it on and could hear sound out of the speaker. I gently recommended against any further testing until it could be fully serviced. Since the amp appears to be unmolested, we are selling it as a collectible item and not a useful tool. You will need to have this amplifier serviced by a qualified technician before playing it.