1946 Fender Model 26 Deluxe Woody amplifier backLeo Fender’s Model 26 “Deluxe” amplifier was the middle size of the first three production amplifiers for the newly established Fender Electric Instrument Company after Doc Kaufman left K&F in 1946. The first run of the Deluxe featured finished natural wood cabinets with no covering, grill cloth in red, gold, or blue, and usually three metal strips adorning the front.

This Model 26 Deluxe amplifier has just emerged from an attic in the midwest after untold decades of neglect. The Gold grill cloth and Walnut cabinet are a flavor that I rarely see offered for sale. The interior electronics appear to be original except for what appears to be a switchable studio output section.

This amplifier retains its original parts and is therefore being offered as a collectible item only with a warning to never plug it in to play it. It may or may not ever make music again but is a rare piece of Fender history.