This was a really special guitar that came through the shop last year: an early 1966 Fender Jaguar in custom color Lake Placid Blue. Although it was missing the original case, it was in spectacular condition with all original finish and parts. It showed no evidence of prior repair and required only light cleaning and set up.

Fender’s Jaguar model debuted in 1962 at the top of the electric guitar line, only four years after the Jazzmaster’s introduction. It featured an offset body shape slightly modified from the Jazzmaster, 24″ scale neck, two proprietary shielded pickups, individual on/off switches for each pickup as well as a bass cut switch, and a rhythm preset switch with its own volume and tone roller pots. It borrowed the Jazzmaster’s player friendly smooth tremolo as well as the less than player friendly low break angle bridge style.

Electric guitar players in the mid 1960s began preferring a lighter string gauge (e = .10 instead of .12) and the offset guitars required a significant neck shim/setup in order to compensate for the lighter string gauge. Offset guitar sales slowed by the early 70s and the Jaguar was dropped from the price list in 1975.

We’re always looking to buy Fender Jaguar guitars. Do you have one you’re looking for more information on or possibly to sell? I’d love to chat with you about it. Send a picture of your guitar and your contact information to me here.

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