This killer Silvertone 1483 just left the shop for a new life making music. The 1483 was the smallest of the head and cabinet Danelectro made Silvertones featuring a ~23 watt amplifier with twin 6L6 power tubes and a single 15″ Jensen speaker. It had two channels with Bass and Treble and no tremolo or reverb. Vampire Weekend, Beck, REM, Jack White – These are some of the early adopters of the Silvertone 1483.

1965 Silvertone 1483 amp Danelectro Sears


1965 Silvertone 1483-016


1966 Silvertone 1483-033

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    • John Shults Reply

      Hi Jim, this amp was listed at $1595. Sale prices are kept private. Cheers!

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