Tadeo Tele-008


This 1952 Fender Telecaster was found in the barn after the original owner passed away. He bought it new and played it all his life. He refinished the guitar a couple of times and lost the original pickguard along the way. The original bridge has two cutouts on either sides of the saddles but we are unable to determine why. It appears that two half washers were welded to support the cutouts.

It’s always fun to buy vintage guitars like this. Vintage Fender electric guitars are prized for their tone and aesthetic beauty. I buy vintage guitars and am always looking for more. Are you searching for where to sell vintage guitars? Let me know what you have.

Tadeo Gomez signatures:

IMG_3111 (1)

IMG_3593 (1)

Original 1952 bridge, saddles and bridge pickup (rewound):

Tadeo Tele-009


Tadeo Tele-010

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  1. Paul Reply

    Without looking directly at the washers you mention I’d suggest a crude tremolo was added although a closer inspection could help determine if it was ever used.

  2. Thomas Virga Reply

    I’ve heard that some old timers would drop a bar in those tele bridges to lap steel it up for a bit.

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