There’s no question that some of the most highly regarded Gibson flat top guitars came out of the Gibson factory during the most wide spread war in history. The mysterious banner reading “Only a Gibson is good enough” was only applied to guitars produced during the war although exact dates are unknown. The banner seemed to be a jab at the guitars produced at other companies. Could it have been aimed at the family owned, C. F. Martin guitar company and their German descent? I’m afraid we may never know the exact reason.
1943 Gibson J-45 updated-005


This particular 1943 Gibson J-45 bears all the cool wartime features. Mahogany was used to construct the top because of the shortage of Spruce. A triangular Maple strip was used in place of a truss rod because of the steel usage laws and shortage. The neck is a tad beefier than standard for the time presumably because of the lack of a truss rod. It’s amazing that the neck is still laser straight after all these years.


1943 Gibson J-45 updated-002

1943 Gibson J-45 updated-023

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